MAXIMIZE VISIBILITY: Recognition both pre, during and post event all over the world.

INCREASE AWARENESS OF SERVICES: Opportunities put you in front of potential customers.

SUPPORT MISSION: Be a part of the “Age-Amped” movement promoting success of all generations.

REACH PARTNERS & POTENTIAL SALES: Network with people from all areas of the intergenerational field.

Your sponsorship helps Generations United and Bridge Meadows offer the best content and experience at the 2019 Global Intergenerational Conference. And it provides you with prominent exposure throughout the event.

Bridging the Generations, the 2019 Global Intergenerational Conference, presents a unique opportunity to reach a diverse group of professionals in a field that is steadily growing in recognition and importance.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities please contact:
Lisa Steenson, [email protected]
Emily Patrick, [email protected]